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Ep. 4 Kindness Runs in the Family & the Murder of Nanine Grimes

Welcome Nerdlings!  This week we introduce some ideas for acts of kindness that we can all do as a nerdling fam!  We’re also going to talk about the tragic murder of 15 year old Nanine Grimes, from Thornton Colorado.  This case was a rough one so strap on those seat belts as we drive down those dark roads together.

Ep. 3 We Love Candy & The Murder of Michelle Gardner Quinn

Welcome to Crime Time Nerds, this week we discuss our favorite true crime “Candy” and we dive deep into the tragic murder of Michelle Gardner Quinn, who was a young environmental science student at the University of Vermont.

Ep. 2 Hope Springs a Chicken and the Assault on Maggie Malloy

It’s crime time Nerdlings!  This week we learn that chickens can be a sign of hope for a family who lost someone they loved.  We also will take a deep dive into the horrific abduction and assault on Ohio teen, Maggie Malloy.  

Ep. 1 The Murder of Melissa Jenkins and Vermont Mummies

Join us for our very first episode of Crime Time Nerds. This week we’re looking at the heartbreaking abduction and murder of a beloved school teacher.

Ep. 0 Welcome to Crime Time Nerds an Introduction Into Our True Crime Obsession

This is our introduction episode into who we are and what this Crime Time Nerds podcast is going to be about.  You’ll get to meet the host Ash and Nat and learn a little bit about how they became True Crime Nerds and also Sisters.