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Ep. 15 Missing: The Disappearance of Timothy J. Guy

Welcome Nerdlings to a very special episode of Crime Time Nerds.  Tonight’s case was a request to cover the disappearance of Timothy J. Guy.  Tim has been missing for 33 years, and we are hoping to amplify his story so that his family and friends can possibly get more information and some form of answers after all this time.  Special Thanks to Crime Blogger 1983.  You can read his blog entry on Tim Guy here

Ep. 14 Vermont’s Bennington Triangle: Five Disappearances that Remain Unsolved

Welcome Nerdlings!  Tonight’s episode we’re looking at the Vermont version of the Bermuda Triangle from a more fact based view point.  In our episode tonight we will discuss five strange disappearances that occurred during a five year span in the 1940’s.  Their cases have never been solved and it’s become a large part of the lore behind the Bennington Triangle.  Join us as we deep dive into Vermont’s Bennington Triangle Disappearances.

Ep. 13 Kidnapping of Margaret Ellen Fox

It’s time for a new episode of Crime Time Nerds.  This week we’re looking at the 46 year old kidnapping and disappearance of young Margaret Ellen Fox, from Burlington New Jersey back on June 24th, of 1974.  We also have a special promo for an awesome podcast called the Jury Room Podcast.  Thanks for listening each week!

Ep. 12 The Murder of Miss Marietta Ball

Welcome Nerdlings!  It’s time for another episode of Crime Time Nerds.  This week we’re talking about a serial killer who predates Jack the Ripper and murdered two women while living in New England.  Miss Marietta Ball was a young school teacher who had the unfortunate fate of meeting this monster one awful day.

Ep. 11 When Doing the Right Thing Get’s You Killed: The Murder of William L. Moore

Welcome Nerdlings! It’s time for another episode of Crime Time Nerds. This week we are going to take a look at a historical figure that many folks may never have heard of. His name was William Lewis Moore and he was murdered on April 23rd, 1963 when he was conducting a peaceful protest within Alabama State Lines to protest racial segregation. This is a case that deals with a dark part of American history and at its heart this is a case about racism and one young man who wanted to make the world a better place.

Ep. 10 Everyone Deserves a Name: The Unsolved Case of Baby Boy Doe

It’s Crime Time Nerdlings!  On today’s episode we’re diving back into the 80’s to discuss a crime that is still very much alive to this day.  We’re talking about the awful case of infanticide that occurred back in 1982, when a young newborn male was discovered murdered, and left in a garbage bag to be found by a local dog and 4 young children.

Ep. 9 The Unknown Victims Throughout the United States

Welcome Nerdlings!  Today we’re talking about a few of the many unidentified John and Jane Doe victims who have been found across the United States.  It’s important for us all to take note of these people’s faces, information about their cases, and where they were found because you never know what small thing it may be that could crack these cases and give these folks their names and identities back. 

Bonus Episode: Halloweenaganza With Ash & Nat

Welcome Nerdlings! Today’s not a crime episode but we’re talking the awesomeness of halloween and our favorite spooky VT tales. Mostly it’s us, just talking about why we love Halloween so much! Hope you get some laughs in this lighthearted non crime episode.

Ep. 8 The Disappearance of VT Teen Brianna Maitland

Welcome Nerdlings!  On this week’s episode we look at the case of Brianna Maitland, who was  A young VT teenager that mysteriously disappeared on March 19th, 2004 after leaving her shift at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery VT.  Brianna’s car was found abandoned, the back end of her green 1985 Oldsmobile was backed up into the side of an abandoned building known as the Old Dutch Burn House out in Montgomery, VT.  It has been 16 years since Brianna Maitland was last seen. Join us as we explore the still unsolved disappearance of Brianna Maitland.  New episodes of Crime Time Nerds release each week on Sunday evenings.

Bonus Episode: Some Troublemaking Faeries of Celtic Lore

Welcome Nerdlings/Lorelings!  This is a silly bonus episode we put together on some of our favorite Celtic tales and faeries from Ireland in honor of creepy, spooky season.  In this episode Ash and I learned that faeries are potential suspects in kidnappings and disorderly conduct. This is a light-hearted episode so join us for some laughs along the way!