Ep. 31 The Ash Wednesday Terror

It’s our Season Two finale!  Today we’re discussing the still cold case of the murder of a Barre, Vermont store owner back in 1958.  Doris E. Baker was a local linoleum store owner who was found brutally murdered in her store one cold day in February of 1958.  Thank you all for you continuous support, and we will catch you Nerdlings in October with our Season Three return!

Ep. 30 Our Collab with From the Vault: Hendrixville John Doe: An Elusive Suicide

We are honored to have gotten the chance to do a collaboration with our friend Jason over at From the Vault Podcast.  Jason invited us to join him on his show to discuss the case of Hendrixville’s John Doe which is a case with one elusive lead after another.  If you love our show you’ll love Jason’s so definitely go give From the Vault a listen you won’t be disappointed.  This is our second to last episode before the end of season 2 we couldn’t have made it this far without you all! 

More episodes of From the Vault: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-the-vault-a-true-crime-podcast/id1477392323 

Ep. 26 A Mother without a Name

Hey Nerdlings!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama Nerdlings out there.  Today’s episode we wanted to tell the story of a mother who has remained nameless for nearly a century.  She was found in 1935 with the remains of what is thought to be her two children and the small family remains unknown to this day.  Next week marks the anniversary of her remains being found and with today being mother’s day it seemed fitting to tell her story for others to know.  Join us for the case of the Addison County Jane Doe.

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Ep. 23 Once In a Blue Moon: The Blue Moon Killer

Hey there Nerdlings!  Welcome to the last episode of Crime Time Nerds, before our break for a month.  We will be back in April though so we will catch you Nerdlings then.  In the mean time let’s walk down those dark paths as we discuss the Blue Moon killings of the Smith family that happened in 2015.