Ep. 26 A Mother without a Name

Hey Nerdlings!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama Nerdlings out there.  Today’s episode we wanted to tell the story of a mother who has remained nameless for nearly a century.  She was found in 1935 with the remains of what is thought to be her two children and the small family remains unknown to this day.  Next week marks the anniversary of her remains being found and with today being mother’s day it seemed fitting to tell her story for others to know.  Join us for the case of the Addison County Jane Doe.

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Ep. 25 Murder in Bangor The Case of Charlie Howard

Today’s episode deals with the case of Charlie Howard, a young man who faced darkness one night in Bangor Maine.  His story has been the inspiration of a famous horror novelist, but it should also inspire all of us to do better and be better. 

Ep. 24 Tales of the Bermuda Triangle Vanishings

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Ep. 24 Tales of the Bermuda Triangle Vanishings
Hey there Nerdlings! We’re officially back and going to the Bermuda triangle in this weeks episode. We’re exploring some of the historical vanishings that have occurred in this strange stretch of ocean.

Ep. 23 Once In a Blue Moon: The Blue Moon Killer

Hey there Nerdlings!  Welcome to the last episode of Crime Time Nerds, before our break for a month.  We will be back in April though so we will catch you Nerdlings then.  In the mean time let’s walk down those dark paths as we discuss the Blue Moon killings of the Smith family that happened in 2015.

Ep. 22 America’s Unknown Child: The Boy in the Box Case

Welcome Nerdlings!  Today’s case is a sad one as it deals with the 64 year old unsolved murder of a young child who was left abandoned in the woods of Fox Chase Philadelphia back in 1957.  Today Ash and Nat will be tackling the case of the Boy in the Box, grab your tissues for this case, as it is heartbreaking to this day.

Ep. 21 Black Widow Serial Killer Belle Gunness

Welcome Nerdlings! We’re diving deep into the story of an early American female serial killer known as Belle Gunness, a woman who’s truly a monster. Belle Gunness was an early Black Widow serial killer, who lured men to her Laporte farm back in the early 1900’s and would brutally murder them for their money.  It’ a wild ride that starts and ends with a fire and a lot more questions than answers as to what exactly happened on the Gunness farm all those years ago.

Ep. 20 Woman Unearthed: Finley Creek Jane Doe Part 2

Welcome Nerdlings to part two of our series on the Finley Creek Jane Doe.  Today’s episode we’re chatting with the Finley Creek Task Force about Finley Creek’s Jane Doe, where her case is at today, and how this amazing group of folks came together to try and give this Jane Doe back her identity.  They show each and everyone of us just how much we can all do to help but our true crime research abilities to good use and help cold cases out.  

Ep. 19 Woman Unearthed: Finley Creek Jane Doe Part 1

Welcome Nerdlings to Part one of a two part series focusing on a case from the 1970’s that still remains unsolved to this day.  It starts out with a gruesome discover forty years ago in the woods of Elgin Oregon and continues into today with a task force that has united from all over the U.S. to try and give the woman known only as the Finley Creek Jane Doe, back her identity.

Ep. 18 Murder of a Vermont Dairy Farmer: Orville Gibson

Welcome Nerdlings!  We are back with a case in Vermont that is over sixty years old.  Orville Gibson was a prosperous dairy farmer who disappeared on December 31st, 1957 with only evidence of a scuffle left in his barn, and he wouldn’t be found for over two months floating in the Connecticut River.  Join us as we explore the strange case of Orville Gibson.

Ep. 17 Harry Dennis Milligan: Still Missing Part Two Interview With Mark Milligan

Welcome Nerdlings to Part Two of our case on the Disappearance of Harry Dennis Milligan.  Today we will be interviewing Mark Milligan, Harry Dennis Milligan’s younger brother, who has continued his search for answers over the last 36 years.  Join us as we grab our flashlights once again and walk the streets of Albia Iowa in search of 21 year old Harry Dennis Milligan.